Our Parish

Central to the parish's life are the services, which are visited not only by the members of the congregation but also by many other visitors. The sunday service is celebrated in the order of the lutheran mass, which has its origin in the services of the early christianity. In their festive liturgical form, the services witness to the presence of the resurrected Christ in their midst. In addition to the standard services, music and family services are regularly held. And every sunday during the sermon there's a special service for children in the parish hall.
During the week there's also a lot of life around and about the church. Choir and brass instruments practise for their contributions to the services. Children meet at the "Kinderkreis", teenagers at the "Jugendkreis". In various discussion-circles we discuss questions concerning our belief and the christian life. The parish grows closer with excursions and festivals. In the work of the pastor, particular attention is given to the confirmation classes, of two years duration where the fundamental principles of the Christian faith are taught understandably and realisticly, and the regular visits in the homes of the congregation members. With the manageable size of the congregation, the pastor knows each member personally.